So This Is How It Happens

Posted: 31 January 2012 in Rules

I realised this week that I’m actually playing a hybrid of Savage Worlds Explorers’ and Deluxe editions, using Explorers’ for character creation and management, and Deluxe for everything else.

This has come about for three reasons; partly, my favourite GM screen and character management software don’t yet support Deluxe; partly, I don’t want to go back to my players and tell them I’ve nerfed the Bolt power; but mostly, I just can’t be bothered.

The alternatives I looked at were…

  • Switch to HeroLab. Previous comments on that are still valid, so no.
  • Create a homebrew data file for MetaCreator. My day job is in IT; when I get home, I just want stuff to work, without having to hack it.
  • Create my own character sheets and GM screen in OpenOffice or Word. Too much retyping.
  • Return to pencil and paper character sheets. Loses the benefits of computerising them, namely that the software checks my arithmetic errors and the sheets get a lot harder to lose.

I stewed on this for a while, and I eventually decided: I’m not ending world hunger here; I’m just having fun with my friends. If and when the tools get updated in line with the new rules, fine, I’ll switch over to the new versions; if not, honey badger don’t care.

I’m 30 years behind my friend Tony (still running OD&D) and 10 years behind the OSR movement (running OD&D clones), but I got there in the end.

  1. Sean says:

    Same here. Savage Worlds is supposed to be Fast! Furious! Fun! so why sweat the small stuff like edition differences?

    • Chaosmeister says:

      The practical approach seems the most clever one indeed. We are not saving the real world but an imaginary one here so we all should go with what works for us and discuss the differences productively in deciding what works better for each of us and identify tweaks and applications of rules and systems we did not think of before.

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