• 2 Hour Wargames Forum: Friendly fellow players, fast responses to questions from the authors.
  • Hot Roleplaying Games: What the cool kids are playing these days. (ENWorld)
  • Obsidian Portal: Campaign website and wiki. Useful way of sharing setting and reference information with players between sessions. An alternative is the Scabard campaign manager, but I have yet to try that in anger.
  • Pinnacle Entertainment: Home of the Savage Worlds RPG.
  • Pinnacle Forum: Again, friendly fellow players (“Savages”) and fast responses to questions from the publisher.
  • Roll20: Virtual Table Top for RPGs. Useful when your group is geographically dispersed.
  • RPGNow: PDF downloads of and for RPGs. Where most of my pocket money goes.
  • Solo Roleplaying Resources: What it says on the tin. (Die Heart)


Science Fiction

Props and Terrain

  • Litko: Laser-engraved plastic markers, templates, bases etc. I especially like the paper miniature stands, slotted bases for cardboard “standees”.
  • RPGMiniatures: UK based, sells pre-painted miniatures. Parked here so I can find it easily when I next buy Star Wars minis.