These subpages list the session write-ups for each campaign in chronological order of play (chronological order from the PCs’ viewpoint is often different for dramatic reasons).

28 Months Later: This All Things Zombie campaign switches its narrative track between half a dozen groups sharing the same timeline and geographical area, namely somewhere unspecified in the south of England. My objective is to shepherd a star safely from Z+0 to 28 months later, roughly Z+850. I haven’t made it yet.

  • Reed. KIA.
  • Captain Flack and the Camberwick Green SAS. Captain Flack is still alive as of Z+199 when I shelved the campaign, the rest of his squad, not so much.
  • Det Sgt Drew and the police. Still alive.
  • Mike Blackman. KIA at Z+124.
  • Don Savage, still alive at Z+43 when the campaign was shelved. This thread uses the Savage Worlds rules, with All Things Zombie acting as a GM emulator.
  • The Dojo Gang, still alive at Z+28 when the campaign folded. Unusually, this was a co-operative group game not a solitaire one.

Arioniad: An experimental solitaire campaign. The characters are constant, but the rules and setting change around them. The in-game reason for this is explained here.

Collateral Damage: A science fiction Savage Worlds campaign. It’s Firefly meets Star Wars, ’nuff said. There’s no setting to speak of; the PCs land on a planet, solve the mystery or defeat the foe, and move on, most likely never to return.

Beasts & Barbarians: Conanesque adventure in GRAmel’s sword and sorcery setting.

  • Shadows of Keron: My first Beasts & Barbarians campaign; this one is heavily tweaked as it imported existing characters from a generic fantasy setting, Irongrave.
  • Pawns of Destiny: My second Beasts & Barbarians campaign; this one uses the Rules As Written.

Hearts of Stone: 13th Age’s Eyes of the Stone Thief campaign – Savaged!