Publishers and Other Professionals

  • 2 Hour Blog: News and releases from Two Hour Wargames, who produce solo and co-operative tabletop wargames and RPGs.
  • Hydra Cooperative: Small indie publisher. Slumbering Ursine Dunes, Strange Stars and whatnot.
  • Quest for Fun: What the hobby looks like when you’re running a small independent games store.

Old School Renaissance

  • Delta’s D&D Hotspot: OD&D houserules. Delta takes the OD&D rules to pieces, runs statistical analyses on them, and puts them back together again, faster and simpler than before.
  • Hill Cantons: The in-game newsletters alone are worth the price of entry. The author is part of the Hydra Cooperative, producing indie D&D supplements and adventures.
  • Playing D&D with Pornstars: D&D houserules, expansions, occasional session reports. Not sure if it still belongs in the OSR section because they seem to be playing 5E now.

Fellow Games Bloggers

  • Die Heart: Interests me primarily for the solitaire gaming links and commentary.
  • Uncanny Worlds: Brass Jester has tastes uncannily similar to my own, but different ideas on implementation.