Hearts of Stone

This campaign uses the rules of Savage Worlds Deluxe and the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion, the setting of 13th Age, and the 13th Age campaign Eyes of the Stone Thief. There are so many players I had to split them into two groups and run them on alternate weeks, and we play over the internet using Roll20 and a wiki at Obsidian Portal to keep track of what’s going on. It’s nuts.

  1. Inn Trouble. The PCs meet in a tavern. Naturally, a fight breaks out immediately.
  2. The Lady Vanishes. The young lady some of the party have been hired to take home is kidnapped.
  3. Tomb Raiders. The party’s first dungeon crawl. How adorable…
  4. Dragonbreath. …until the dragonborn starts incinerating people, that is.
  5. The Tomb of Iskelet. Just why are so many party members on good terms with a minor lich?
    Interlude 1: The Caravan.
  6. The Living Dungeon – Part 1. In 13th Age, dungeon explores you.
  7. The Living Dungeon – Part 2. Exit stage left, pursued by a dungeon.
  8. All at Sea. Flying castles full of dragons and living dungeons chasing their own stolen hearts. And people say Concord has no night life.
  9. Death from Above. In which misuse of icon relationship rolls causes a demon invasion of Glitterhaegen.
  10. Marines. Well, if you will go stealing the Duke of Glitterhaegen’s prize griffin, you must expect him to try to get it back.
  11. Pub Lunch. No pause to eat at a tavern is complete without hobgoblin attacks, explosions, and mutilating innocent bystanders.
  12. Winter Ale. A haunted brewery in Dwardel, you say? That will never do.
    Interlude 2: Cultists and Griffons and Bears, Oh My.
  13. The Death of Matteus Fulmens. Team Dragon expresses its displeasure at being followed by the Duke of Glitterhaegen’s Marines by incinerating them.
  14. Wyvern Riders. Fresh from slaughtering Glitterhaegen Marines, Team Dragon bumps into wyvern-riding orcs.
  15. Let’s Hunt Orc. Team Dragon negotiates with orcish raiders on the Anvil Road, but in the end blowing them up is just too tempting.
  16. Under Dwardel. Team Robot explores the town of Dwardel and learns there are things best left undisturbed beneath it. Naturally, they decide to disturb them.
  17. Arachnophobia. A homebrew scenario – Team Robot decides to investigate the secret facility beneath Dwardel town hall.
  18. Jailbreak. A homebrew scenario in which Team Robot find themselves imprisoned by a person or persons unknown.
  19. A Keg for a Dragon. Team Dragon (soon to be renamed Team Angel after diaries dictate that a couple of players swap around) run through Reality Blurs’ scenario of the same name.
  20. The Red Tower. Team Robot explore the Windowless Tower from Beasts & Barbarians’ scenario collection Dark Places of the Dominions. A very versatile scenario, that.
  21. Going Underground. Both teams are at a party in Marblehall when the Stone Thief swallows it. Hilarity ensues.
  22. The Chasm. Both teams explore the maw of the Stone Thief after it swallows Marblehall.
  23. Filth Hydra. Team Robot continue their descent into the Stone Thief in search of their patron, while the others sort out the mess on the surface.
  24. Angry Medusa Chickens. Team Angel venture into an abandoned dwarven mine (the Mines of Madness for D&D Next, actually).