Collateral Damage

Pilot: Back in Black. This tryout introduced some of the characters.

  1. Stasis Pod. This changed the rules from Classic Traveller to Savage Worlds, and relocated the PCs to the Dark Nebula setting.
  2. Please Enter Your PIN
  3. Hot Hydrogen
  4. Everyone Comes to Mizah. At this point I stopped writing my own adventures and started using the published ones in my gaming library.
  5. The Dangers of Simba
  6. Getting There is Half the Fun. At this point we abandoned settings in general and the Dark Nebula in particular. I blame Ashen Stars for that.
  7. Node 43
  8. Stormy Weather
  9. The Teraci Extraction. Here we started the Bulldogs! campaign in Heart of the Fury.
  10. The Pickup Job.
  11. The Informant.