Advances and Levels

Posted: 17 August 2012 in Rules

Now that I’m running the Dread Sea Dominions for a player under Labyrinth Lord, I need a fast, furious and fun way to convert NPCs from SW to LL. I think the easiest way to do this is to count the number of advances it would take a stock Beasts & Barbarians character to get from a beginning character to where he is now, add one (because he would be first level before having any advances), and call that his level under LL.

For the range of levels I’m interested in, that would roughly match the Pinnacle d20 Conversion Guide, but be less work.

As an example, let’s take Priest Prince Baaltasar, demonologist of this parish. To save myself time, I use the statblock for a standard Priest Prince from B&B Golden Edition pp. 185-186 for this NPC. Looking at those statistics, I can see he has:

  • 8 points in attributes; less 5 for a beginning character is 3 advances.
  • 22 points in skills; less 15 for a beginning character is 7 advances.
  • 6 edges. Less the free one for being human, and two for hindrances, leaves 3 advances.

Baaltasar has thus taken 13 advances to get where he is today; add one for being first level at 0 advances, and we have a 14th level wizard. I just have to select some spells to match the ones the archetype has listed, and I’m done; but that isn’t something one does where the players might see…

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