Ancient Constructs

Posted: 21 October 2011 in Settings
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I switched over to using Black Hand Source’s Dwarven Kingdom as the Irongrave dungeon map a couple of sessions ago, and allocated each page in that document a group of dominant monsters – Orcs rule the complex shown on page 5, for instance. When last seen, the party were marching in a determined manner into an area set aside for Ancient Constructs (Red Tide p. 117).

So, what I thought I needed for the next session were some statistics for them, and I was all set to convert them; but after a little thought I decided I could use the One Page Bestiary (see tab above) and save myself the effort.

Based on their hit dice, Men of Jade and Clay and Porcelain Servitors are Novice stock NPCs, while War Golems and Black Jade Juggernauts are Veteran ones; the Juggernaut retains its immunity to normal weapons as a monstrous ability, and of course they all have the Construct ability.

Novice parties have a Weak encounter, Seasoned ones an Average encounter, and Veteran ones a Strong encounter. I’ll assume that each construct is armed with something that allows it to make full use of its Strength die in melee, and that they do not use ranged weapons.

Job done. This new ruthless attitude to preparation is working well. All I need now is to get the players together again, and we’re off.

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