SG-13 Episode 3

Posted: 28 August 2009 in Tryouts

In which our heroes finally recover what’s left of SG-26, and meet a new friend…

While the survivors of SG-13 were recovering from their Wounds, SGC was not idle. On their return to duty, they were advised that UAV reconnaissance had found something looking like a giant termite mound, made out of debris and ichor (or “bug snot”, as Anna charmingly described it), wherein the giant cockroaches (which you and I know as kafers, though the team does not) lurked.

Tactical sense kicked in, and the team hoofed it through the forest (so that the noise of the quadbikes wouldn’t give them away) to lie in wait outside the mound and gather intelligence. Their patience was rewarded when the bugs emerged, bringing forth prisoners for exercise: One SGC survivor, and a feline humanoid (Giulia’s PC). Grenades and burst fire dealt with most of the bugs, leaving two for Giulia (who has put almost all her skill points into Fighting, took the Two-Fisted edge, and is therefore quite brutal in hand to hand). With no more ado, they retired through the stargate and sent back a bomb-laden UAV to deal with the mound.

Giulia’s PC, which is essentially a Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirl, then persuaded SGC to let her join the team, on the basis that her race is powerful and advanced, and would look more kindly on Earth if she were not dissected in Area 51. Who knows, this may even be true.

The scenario went much more quickly than expected, since based on their past approach I thought they would enter the mound in person. (Can you say dungeon crawl? I knew you could.)

Quote of the mission: Giulia, who introduced her character by saying: “I’m a pirate monster! Rarrgh! Arrrgh!” (To see why this reduced us to hysterics, you need to see The Tiefling and the Gnome.)

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