Hearts of Stone: Deities

Posted: 18 February 2017 in Hearts of Stone
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Gods are not that important in the world of the 13th Age, but players do occasionally ask what the gods of the setting are.

Rather than invent new pantheons of gods, each race worships one or more historic pantheons. There is some overlap between pantheons as each mythology contains its own versions of Jung’s archetypes – for example the Ruler might manifest himself as Jupiter, Odin, or Amun-Ra.

Humans, Halflings: Egyptian, then Greek, and currently Roman. This indicates the evolution of their religion over time and allows ruins from earlier Ages to have different symbology, layouts and so on.

Dragonborn, Orcs: Slavic. This has a suitably wide range of deities of death, destruction and evil.

Dwarves, Forgeborn: Norse. Obviously.

Elves: Celtic. High elves prefer the Gaulish version of the pantheon, wood elves the Welsh, and the dark elves have become completely fixated on Arianrhod in her aspect of the Spider, weaver of fate, whom they refer to as Lolth.

Aasimar, Tieflings and other races will be added if and as necessary. Gnomes were wiped out by plague at the end of the 12th Age, and good riddance.

Pytus is roughly equivalent to Pythian Apollo. Archetypes, you see, they’re everywhere…

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