The Illustrated Hearts of Stone

Posted: 23 January 2017 in Hearts of Stone
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One thing I haven’t really mentioned is how the players in the Hearts of Stone campaign are using the tools in Roll20 to mark up the maps.

Here, for example, is what they did to the strategic overland map…


Marking Marblehall as “safe” is fair enough I suppose, as is adding the dwarven trade route from Glitterhaegen to Anvil. Starting fires in places they haven’t even been to is intriguing, especially the fires in the middle of the Midland Sea, and I have no idea what is going on with Babe Island. Although it’s a pretty clear signal that they mean to go there, and when they do they will expect babes.

Credits: Map from the 13th Age core rulebook, hexgrid and tokens added by me.

Here is a fairly typical markup of an encounter map, this one from episode 13:


The cone template is just parked out of the way. The owl-related stuff is all from Boris’ player, since Boris had at this point assumed the shape of an owl, and his turns were far apart due to the number of other players. The red splodge over the NPC at bottom right reveals the players’ frustration at his stubborn refusal to die. The medusa¬†is the form taken by Boris’ construct bodyguard.

Credits: Map from Dungeons Unlimited; tokens either by Fiery Dragon or the players themselves.

I rather like these doodles, actually, although the fact people have time to draw them suggests we’re not moving quickly enough.


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