Beyond the Comfort Zone

“Senescence begins when growth ends.”

Next weekend sees the start of a new campaign, and it has some unusual aspects for me.

The group will be geographically dispersed and playing over the internet. The plan is to use Obsidian Portal for reference (the campaign front page is here), and run sessions with a combination of Roll20 and Discord – we’re avoiding the Roll20 voice client because everyone except me is already familiar with Discord and uses it for videogames.

The campaign has a story arc, which is something I haven’t tried to do for nearly 20 years now.

The setting is 13th Age, which is a lot less gritty and a lot more gonzo than I normally work with.

The group is going to be quite big – 7-10 players compared to my usual four. Hopefully Savage Worlds as the core game engine will allow me to cope – I didn’t feel like taking on new rules as well, though I have taken on board the Uniques and Icon Relationships, which all the players love and have already started twisting the background in unexpected directions.

Feh. How hard can it be? I’ll keep you posted.


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