Arion, Episode 9: Huff Leaves in a Huff

Posted: 27 January 2016 in Arioniad

In which the investigation is derailed somewhat…


The adventure stays in the Metropolis again, it’s day three, and Arion has to question a person of interest – I could roll for that, but the logic of the narrative suggests it should be Ms Huff at this point. So I overrule the dice and make it her.

The dice tell me the Day Part is Early, and we’re meeting Ms Huff in a (coffee) bar downtown. There’s only one PEF that early, and it’s in section 4 of the board, so I use unoccupied section movement to glide past it.

There’s still a defining moment in the bar though; Chapman (the Big Bad) isn’t there, but we do find an Exotic and 4 companions; a Rep 5 Bodyguard with a BAP (on a die roll of 4, fortunately not one of the ones Roger enthusiastically perforated earlier in the game), with a Mover (Rep 3 Hollywood), a Criminal (Rep 4 Dealer with a BAP) and two other Exotics (both Rep 5 Private Eyes with BAPs). The Bodyguard gets 4 successes, Arion 2; since the Bodyguard is Law & Order class and Arion is not a Criminal, at least as far as his Class goes, no confrontation occurs and thus the other group leaves the table.

Arion can now question the Person of Interest; Ms Huff rolls 2 successes and Arion 1. Huff has no information? That can’t be right per se, but it would be very genre-appropriate for someone to have scared her off.


“There she is,” Arion says, as he and Roger enter Green’s. Huff is sitting in a corner, alone; between her and the door a group of five people, most of them openly carrying large-calibre pistols. After an exchange of muffled and insincere greetings with our heroes, they rise and leave.

“Hello, Ms Huff,” Arion begins. “How do you want to proceed?”

“I don’t,” snaps Huff. “The evidence I saw was faked. I can’t use the story. I was a fool to believe it. Forget all about it.” And she stands and leaves.

“What was that all about?” Roger asks.

“Somebody got to her,” Arion says. “You’ve seen the evidence, at least some of it, and more importantly you’ve seen what Chapman is willing to do to get it. This doesn’t stand up. Somebody scared her off.”

“Good thing they didn’t try that with you,” Roger says. “You’re not smart enough for it to work.”

“I’m not going to dignify that with a response.”

“I think you just did. What now?”

“Coffee, while we plan our next move.”


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