Arion, Episode 6: Too Quiet

Posted: 20 January 2016 in Arioniad

In which things go suspiciously easily for both Arion and myself…


My notes for this episode, in full:

Travel Scene: Travel to a Metropolis area by transit. Advance the Story Scene: Find an object. Exotic had it last in a residential Midddle area office building. Travel one zone by transit; no encounter. Big Bad not present.

PEFs 4124:

  1. 10 Shaker 6 Trophy Wife [M] Rep 4 Alone. A3552=2, P2563=2. Pleasantries.
  2. 11 Shaker 1 Academic [M] Rep 3 Alone. A2515=2, P363=2. Pleasantries.
  3. 8 Exotic 5 Professional [M] Rep 3 Alone. A43436=2, P313=3. Pleasantries.
  4. 6 Civilian 1 Dependent [F] Rep 4 Alone. A61336=3, P4=0. Exchange.

DM: 6 Exotic 2 Pilot [M] Rep 4 with PI [M] Rep 5, Police [M] Rep 5, Trophy Wife [F] Rep 3. A34435=2, Po53442=2. Pleasantries.

Find object. Diff 3. A535=pass 3. O333=pass 3. Rep > Diff so counts as pass 1d6; find object and solve one clue. Total clues now 3.

As you can see, now that I’m used to the rules they are very fast and easy, and much less reliant on figures and terrain than the previous edition.

Closing status:

  • Star: Arion, 5 Star Power left, 3 clues of 8 solved, one increasing Rep die.
  • Grunt: Roger Houston, Rep 5 Pilot, one increasing Rep die.
  • Big Bad: Richard Chapman, 2 Star Power left, two decreasing Rep dice – now fully recovered.


“Easy in, easy out,” says Arion cheerfully, as the two pilots stroll through a mid-city residential area, exchanging pleasantries with passersby.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely. The one place we know Chapman is not going to be right now is in his office, largely because you shot him and he needs to get that looked at.” A passing white collar worker looks at the pair askance, then decides it’s none of his business and moves on. “However, I think it’s a safe bet he has some way to get into that thing, whatever it is, or he would be waiting for us to open it first and then shooting us, yes? He looks more like an I-have-the-key-fob guy than an I-know-the-password guy to me, so we just get into his office, find a physical key that matches our McGuffin, and ride off into the sunset. Easy in, easy out.”

“And how, exactly, are we getting into his office?”

“I might have picked up his smartphone so that it didn’t get lost or stolen. It might have an RFID chip in it that unlocks the door. Oh look, it does.”

“What if there’s someone inside?” says Roger, as he waves in passing to a woman on the other side of the street.

“Unlikely. I think that was them outside talking to the police.”

“And why do you think that?”

“I have a hunch somebody might have called in a credible, anonymous bomb threat. You know, somebody with detailed information about what happened to Mr Chapman.”

“I see. And how are we getting in past them?”

“One of the really good things about smart clothing is you can change the colours and patterns as fashions change. My jacket, for example, now says BOMB SQUAD on the back. It’s all the rage downtown at this time of year, you know.”

“Very, ahh, unusual programme suite your AI has.”

“The word you’re searching for is ‘complete’.”

“Someday you have to tell me how you came by it.”

“Probably better if I don’t, actually. Come on, the real bomb squad will be here in a few minutes.”


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