Arion, Episode 4: Breaking and Entering

Posted: 8 January 2016 in Arioniad

“I prefer to spend my time playing the game and try to keep the set up and take down of the table as short as possible.” – Ed Teixeira, Larger Than Life: The Director’s Cut

In which Arion searches his contact’s home for the McGuffin, and I generally improve my understanding of the game’s workings.


Travel Scene: The dice say that Arion and Roger travel to  a Metropolis, which I could say is a different one, but won’t.

Advancing the Story Scene: The pilots need to find an object. It was last seen with a Shaker (a Political Assistant) in a Middle class area (area 3, residential). I could dice for things, especially the target building, but the logical assumption is that Arion is checking out the home of the the guy Chapman injured in the department store, in case the McGuffin is there. That means Arion needs to move to the next area; there are no encounters en route.

“Yeah, Mr. A? It’s me, Arion. Listen, the guy you wanted us to meet got hurt, Chapman was there and I think he did it. We had a scuffle, I’m still standing and he isn’t. I called the cops for him and an ambulance for your guy, anonymously. I’m sending you the camera footage. Your man didn’t have the thing on him, so I got his address from his ID card and I’m heading over there now, I figure he stashed it there – maybe he wanted more than whatever you offered him. If I find anything I’ll call in, otherwise you can call me when you pick this message up.”

Before I set up the board, I roll for PEF location and see both PEFs (you only get two in this area in daytime) are in section 2. I can legitimately set up the board so that the Star never gets Line Of Sight on the PEF as he moves from section 9 to section 1 and back again, so I won’t bother; I would do this by putting a road through sections 4-6 and leaving gaps between buildings.

The thing I can’t avoid is the Defining Moment when the team enters the target building; however a roll of 5, 5 vs PEF Rep (4) = pass 0d6 so the building is empty.

Now I roll to find the object; Arion gets 3 successes vs his Rep (5) and the object gets 2 vs its Difficulty (in this case 4); Arion finds the object and solves one clue, before escaping off the board the way he came in.

“Mr. A? Arion again. I’ve got the case, it was inside a fake book in his study – you ought to get your people better security. Where do you want me to take it?”


  • Star: Arion, 5 Star Power left, 1 clue of 8 solved.
  • Grunt: Roger Houston, Rep 5 Pilot – now fully recovered.
  • Big Bad: Richard Chapman, 2 Star Power left, one decreasing Rep die – now fully recovered.


It looks like it will be most convenient to treat travel scenes as part of the setup for the following advancing the story scene.

I can see that like the previous edition of Larger Than Life, this one can be played for quite some time without getting the lead out onto the board.

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