Arion, Episode 3: Walk, Don’t Run

Posted: 7 January 2016 in Arioniad

In which Arion makes good his escape from the scene of the crime, and I learn about restocking PEFs.


Emerging from the department store in section 1 of the board, Arion and Roger must now exit the board from section 9. I now need to restock the PEFs (p. 42); the three in section 3 of the board are still there, so I create one new PEF to replace the one I resolved in episode 1, and the dice place it in section 1.

Turn 1: Arion and Roger leave the store and immediately resolve the first PEF. Two civilians, both unarmed, a Rep 4 factory worker and a Rep 3 service industry worker. Arion gets 5 successes to the factory worker’s one, so could recruit them if needed, but I don’t need more sidekicks just yet and I want to leave some recruitment points for the ones I’m actually after.

As Arion and Roger emerge from the store, trying not to attract attention by walking too quickly, they see a couple window-shopping; the woman in the uniform of another store, and the man in overalls. They turn to look at Arion staggering under the weight of his buddy.

“Overdid it a bit in the bar,” Arion smiles, and rather than get involved, they turn back to the window.

“Surveillance?” asks Roger, quietly.

“Maybe,” Arion replies. “Maybe not.”

Turn 2: Into building 2, and a Defining Moment. Five Shakers; Trophy Wife, Shaker, two Pilots (man, there’s a lot of those about today), and a gangster. Arion scores fewer successes so exchanges pleasantries and no more; fortunately, he scored at least one success so the encounter does not spiral into a Confrontation. (I could build that into quite a bit of roleplaying detail – looks to me like we have a gangster and his pilot meeting up with a couple of Shakers and theirs – or pick up their story after this scene, but I choose to take this as a minor sideshow and stay focused on Arion.)

Our Heroes enter another store, moving purposely, and pausing only to exchange nods with a couple of pilots with a group inside.

Turns 3-6: Using unoccupied section movement (p. 22), Arion and Roger fast-forward across the board, without encountering any other PEFs. As there is only one side moving there’s no point rolling for activation. No narrative for this as nothing happens.

Turn 7: Entering the last building they have to, the pilots face another Defining Moment; but there’s nothing there.

Turn 8: Our heroes exit the board through section 9, and terminate this Advancing the Story scene.


I haven’t filled up the post with pictures as I did this on an extremely non-photogenic piece of scratch paper – one of the things I learned from THW games is that I don’t need all the artistically-painted figures and fancy terrain, nice though they are. “Just play the game,” as they say.

I will show you this one though; black is for board constructs like sections, blue are buildings and terrain, green is our heroes and red is PEFs or enemies.



  • Star: Arion, 5 Star Power left, 0 clues out of 8 solved.
  •  Grunt: Roger Houston, Rep 5 Pilot.
  • Big Bad: Richard Chapman, 2 Star Power left, one decreasing Rep die.


By careful placement of  PEFs I could control how many of them the Star meets; that could be a useful metagaming tactic in later games, but one would still need to resolve the Defining Moments.


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