Dark Nebula–April 3201

Posted: 9 October 2015 in Settings
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The player characters haven’t got this far into the campaign yet, so there are no player activities this turn, but I may as well finish off the five day blitz…



All factions except the Solomani Confederation select new goals this turn, having achieved their previous ones last turn. All of them now have one experience point; it will be a couple of years at this rate before anyone can improve a rating.

The die comes up 4, so Confed goes first.

Solomani Confederation: Action – move Surveyor from Tangga to Hasara. Confed gains one experience for going a whole four turns without attacking anyone, and ends the turn with 20 FacCreds. Next turn, it will select a new goal – Expand Influence on Hasara – which it can achieve immediately.

Aslan Hierate: New goal – Expand Influence on Valka. Action: Extended Theatre moves itself from Panas to Enjiwa, preparing to move the Space Marines to Valka next turn. The Hierate ends the turn with 5 FacCreds and one experience.

Great Archive: New goal – Expand Influence on Hasara. Action – move Surveyor from Kov to Tangga. The Archive ends the turn with 5 FacCreds and one experience.

Mizah Combine: New goal – Expand Influence on Gazzain. Action – move Surveyor from Kov to Gazzain. The Combine ends the turn with 5 FacCreds and one experience.


None as yet. Stay tuned!


Hasara, 7 April 3201

The Great Archive’s Adept-in-Place on Hasara reports the arrival in-system of an apparently friendly Solomani Confederation surveyor crew.

Faction turn 4; the Confed surveyor arrives at its destination. This occurs on Hasara on 7 April; the news reaches Mizah on 21 April, and Valka on 5 May.

Enjiwa, 14 April 3201

Lord Bhasmasura of the Simsek Clan, Colonel of the 1st Hierate Marines, welcomed the 11th Hierate Logistics Wing to the new base on Enjiwa today. When asked about the absence of Enjiwan government officials, Lord Bhasmasura stated that they were valued allies of the Hierate, but that their presence was not required for this event.

Faction turn 4; the Hierate starts moving up other assets to support its push into Moralon. This occurs on Enjiwa on 14 April; the news reaches Valka on 21 April, and Mizah on 26 May.

Tangga, 21 April 3201

Tangga’s Ministry of State Security surveillance satellites observed an Archive Survey ship transiting their system en route to Hasara. “This is perfectly normal,” a spokeswoman said, “We have mutual assistance treaties in place with the Great Archive, which grant them the right to free passage through Tanggan space.”

Faction turn 4; the Archive Surveyors move towards Hasara, little knowing that Confed has beaten them to it. This occurs on Tangga on 21 April; the news reaches Mizah on 28 April, and Valka on 26 May.

Gazzain, 28 April 3201

Confederation Marines were asked to intervene when a mammoth brawl at Kandla Orbital Spaceport grew beyond the Shore Patrol’s ability to contain. The fighting is thought to have begun when recently-arrived surveyor crews of the Mizah Combine exchanged insults with local spacers. When interviewed later, as the last of the bodies were being removed, Company Havildar-Major Yilan of the Confederation Marines commented that “Thisss wasss the bessst fight we have had in yearsss.” Rumours that one or more urseminites were instrumental in provoking the carnage are unconfirmed.

Faction turn 4; the Combine’s Surveyors arrive at Gazzain. This occurs on 28 April; news reaches Mizah on 12 May, and Valka on 16 June. I’m starting to feel the need for some sort of spreadsheet or database which allows me to sort news items into the order they would be received on each planet; I can see why The Last Parsec opted for FTL radio.


That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.

Achievement unlocked: Summer resolutions 3 and 8 completed!

  1. Brass Jester says:

    Just finished reading through the whole lot – a very nice bit of work with lots of leas and ideas to play with.
    I love the Faction concept in SWN but have always struggled with it (usually by overthinking the thing.) Your posts have cleared things up a bit, although atm the Gamers are experimenting with Numenera.

    Numenera is weird – really looking forward to it. Will post more on Uncanny Worlds.

    “I’m starting to feel the need for some sort of spreadsheet or database which allows me to sort news items into the order they would be received on each planet”

    Wasn’t there something along these lines in The Traveller Adventure? It was some sort of matrix that was used to determine if a message was at a particular world. Don’t have the book to hand so can’t look it up.

    • andyslack says:

      The Tradewar section of the Traveller Adventure had a table for both speed of transmission (news moved faster between better starports) and probability of transmission (better starports were more likely to retransmit). Both times I ran the Traveller Adventure, I winged it and had news arrive when I felt it was dramatically appropriate. It’s unusual for the PCs to be in different star systems at the same time, and even less likely that they will try to reverse engineer the speed news travels at, so basically the players will never know the difference.

      Having tried the Factions rules several times now, I found them easier to use if I did several faction turns together than if I did them one at a time. They’re not meant to be used that way, though, so maybe that’s just me.

      • Brass Jester says:

        I think that’s where I went wrong when setting up the Bright Star sector. I established the Factions as they were at the Game Start and then tried to do a “lets see how they got to this stage” by doing four or five Faction turns to establish a prior history. What I should have done is set them up first; then done several Faction turns to see where they were at Game Start. Seems obvious in hindsight.

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