SFC Comparative Tech Levels

Posted: 24 January 2014 in Rules

Here’s the first bit of experimenting with the Savage Worlds Sci Fi Companion; I wanted to see how the technology levels in the World Maker stack up against the character rules and other games. Traveller’s view on what TL counts as high, low and middle varies from edition to edition; the Traveller entries here are taken from my slightly foxed copy of Supplement 3, The Spinward Marches.

SFC TL Description Hindrance Traveller SWN
1 Stone Age 0 0
2-3 Middle Ages 1 1
4-5 Renaissance 2
6-8 21st Century Low Tech (Major)* 7*** 3-ish
9-11 Below Average Low Tech (Minor) 10
12-16 Average None 11-12 4
17-18 Slightly Above Average High Tech (Minor) 13-14 4+
19 Sig. Above Average High Tech (Major) 15 5
20 Incomprehensible Ultra Tech** 16+

* I’m guessing here, but it’s a logical extrapolation of the other Hindrances.
** Yes, all right, not strictly a Hindrance but you know what I mean.
*** I know officially CT would place us at TL 9+, but I’ll believe that when I can buy an air/raft or a jump drive.

I’m not sure what, if anything, I’ll do with this yet. Mainly, it helps me place things in context using other rules I understand better.


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