Mr Popular–Part 2

Posted: 13 September 2013 in Reviews
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Never mind what the cool kids are playing, what are we playing locally?

I’m in contact with 25 active RPG gamers, either first or second hand, of whom five regularly GM. There are another couple who have dropped out of the RPG scene for the moment and may or may not return.

Our local top five are:

Rank Game GMs Players
1 Shadowrun, 4th Edition 2 12
2 WFRP 3rd Edition 1 8
3 Savage Worlds 1 (me) 7
4 Original D&D 1 5
5 All Things Zombie 0 4

So really, I shouldn’t grumble about the lack of gaming, because the facts are that I know a couple of dozen gamers and play something most weeks.


  • The numbers add up to more than 25 as many of us play more than one thing.
  • Player ages run from 17 to 56, and there’s a definite bias towards Shadowrun among the younger ones. The older ones each have their own favourite game.
  • Of the 12 playing Shadowrun, 8 tried Savage Worlds first and couldn’t get their heads around it, but are happy playing the more complex game. All of them are under 20.

What are you playing, gentle readers? What are your “top fives”?

  1. brassjester says:

    1. Savage Worlds (Beasts and Barbarians) – GM is me, Ben occasionally does a post-holocaust thing but is looking at doing some B & B fantasy. Played weekly usually and write-ups posted on Pinnacle website. Also some solo stuff in the Dominions.
    2. Stars without Number – a solo Game
    3. Savage Worlds (Slipstream) – another solo Game
    4. Occasional games of Diaspora (although the players struggle a bit with the concepts involved)
    5. Occasional pick-up superhero games, using a variety of systems (Golden Heroes, Savage Worlds, Mutants & Masterminds).
    6. Have also tried Forgotten Futures, Labyrinth Lord, Other Dust, Dungeon Slayer, Starblazer Adventures, Call of Cthulhu and Pendragon

  2. David says:

    Running Classic Traveller (and blogging about it here
    Occasionally play Bushido (the FGU version from back in the day).

  3. J Gregory says:

    Taking a short break from Deadlands Reloaded to run some Dungeon World. Then, next on the agenda is Night’s Black Agents.

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