Posted: 5 July 2013 in Shadows of Keron
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So, tonight is the start of a three-day gaming session. We’ll probably spend a lot of time shooting the breeze and drinking beer, and I know the host has a white box D&D adventure he wants to run for the investigators of CSI: Shaddipur

Nick: As long as there’s gaming and unlimited beer, I’m in.

(Let it not be said that Da Youf of Today pay their elders no heed. Perhaps, in this case, a little too much heed.)

…but I think I probably still need enough material for 8-10 hours of play. That’s probably 2-3 adventures, but I want to play fast and loose as in days of yore, when I sat down to GM Traveller or 2300AD with only the vaguest idea of a plot (usually stolen wholesale from whatever story I’d read last) and faith in my improvisational ability. So, here are my notes for those scenarios in their entirety.

  • Session 1: Pitch Black. Crossing the Brown Sea, stop overnight on an island with a ruined village and a well best not looked into. Hilarity ensues.
  • Session 2: Ye Hated Elder Gods. One from the Savage Sword of Conan comic, I remember the outline of the story but not its actual title. It’ll do.
  • Session 3: Wanted: Dead or Alive. Kumal the Smiling and Kyrosian Valk mercenaries and Night of the Demon and Run of the Arrow and Daughters of Hordan, oh my.

Since the next few weekend sessions after that are going to be Shadowrun, I’ll let you know what happens by posting over the next few Mondays.

  1. Umberto Pignatelli says:

    It seems a cool week end plan!

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