Who’s Up Next?

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed All Things Zombie, but with Mike’s demise the narrative needs to switch track. There are several contenders; so, gentle readers, your thoughts please – where should the spotlight fall next? Your options are a completely new Star, some minor character from a previous post, or any of the following:

Team Last Seen In Game Date Star
The Cops Drew, 01 March 2013 Z+69 Drew
The SAS Drew, February 2013 Z+41 Capt Flack
Stoner Reed – 19 January 2013 Z+28 Stoner
Don & Bex Black Hawk Down Z+43 Don

They’re all running under All Things Zombie except Don and Bex, who are using a hybrid of ATZ and Savage Worlds.

Answers on a comment or via the THW mailing list please! You have until Friday 5th July 2013 (Z+196) to vote, and I’ll go with whoever gets the most votes. Can they beat Mike Blackman’s record of surviving until Z+124?


8 thoughts on “Who’s Up Next?

  1. I’d select ‘The Cops’….can’t wait to see which one of them will sprain their ankle….:-)

  2. I’ll plump for Don and Bex, as I thought of this blog while at ‘Halfway Station’ on the Volks Electric Railway in Brighton 🙂

  3. Ack, a four-way tie (including one vote for Toby, who Mike encountered in his last post)! Deadline extended until Sunday and message posted to the THW mailing list also…

  4. But wait, there’s more! Current status with another vote just in…

    SAS: 2
    Cops, Don & Bex, Toby: 1 each.

    Excitement mounts!

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