Review: Euphoria

Posted: 26 June 2013 in Reviews

In a Nutshell: Scenario for High-Space, a space opera setting for Savage Worlds. 37-page PDF.


This product describes a space station (called Euphoria) orbiting the planet Remnant, a dangerous world plagued by seismic events, but one which draws treasure hunters for the ancient relics to be found on the surface.

The main focus is on the Altitude Bar, where said treasure hunters hang out, and the patrons there when the PCs arrive – the crews of three starships. Each crew has its own interests, and depending on where the PCs go when they arrive, they will meet the crews in a different sequence.

Other locations of note include the Chapel and the URC Bureau (which regulates mining in the region). Locations and NPC crews each have read-aloud-to-players and GM-only descriptions, NPC statblocks, and plot seeds.

The scenario is short and sandboxy; an event happens on the surface, the NPC ship crews and key NPCs on the station react to it according to a script, and the PCs can join in to help or hinder various parties as they see fit. The sort of gung-ho action heroes in my parties would chew through it in an afternoon, I think.

The booklet closes with statblocks for four spacecraft, one-page deck plans for each ship as well as the station, and battlemat tiles for the bar and chapel.


As with previous Storyweaver products I’ve seen, tasteful use of colour throughout, but highly legible.


This would work fine as a one-shot; I would have liked a little more guidance on what to do with the location next, for example if treasure-hunting on the surface. However, the book refers to future products which may address this.

I still need more explanation on how ship design works in this setting; that’s probably just me.


Not quite my cup of tea, but does what it sets out to do.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5.


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