Savage Worlds Goodies

Posted: 14 June 2013 in Rules

Inspiration is on hold at the moment, so here are a few Savage Worlds goodies that have caught my eye over the past few months:

  • The abstract movement system, compiled by JavaScrybe, replaces standard tabletop movement with “areas”, in much the same way as Bulldogs or WFRP3. He has a short rules document and some example battlefields.
  • I’ve often said you can do anything with Savage Worlds, and one of the things that people do surprisingly often is My Little Pony. SavageGamerGirl has a fast and furious version of that at the Order of the Dice of Doom, while Giftkrieg23 has a much more detailed version here.
  • Zadmar’s Savage Worlds Stuff has combat and battle simulators for checking the relative power of PCs and monsters; monster converters that turn a D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder statblock into a Savage Worlds opponent; and tons of other stuff. Go check it out.
  • This topic on the SW forum has a list of free adventures, mostly One Sheets or similar.

Hopefully the creative juices will be flowing again by next Friday!

  1. NinjaGW says:

    Always nice to see another Savage Worlds aficionado. One more resource you might approve of is this guy’s blog: . He’s got a bunch of free settings that he’s created. Some adventures for them too, if you look through his past posts. And I assume you already know about Savage Heroes and Savagepedia?

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