Free Traders Setup Part 8: Kiev

Posted: 17 May 2013 in Settings
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Aha, the last stop on the Farside Route heaves into view! Kiev’s early history is unclear, but if was an outpost of the Khazar empire (and possibly Magyars) a couple of centuries before the game’s time frame.

I’ve already established the Magyar-equivalents as Savage Worlds Saurians, so I’ll go with the Magyar theory, and lace Kiev with Saurian architecture, whatever that looks like. I’ll worry about that later, I can use the random architecture tables in Stars Without Number.

About a century before play begins, Kiev was taken over by the Rus and became the centre of their fledgling state. In (2)968, the Pechenegs (Rakashans) laid siege to the city.

Kiev is full of lakes, rivers, and whatnot, so I select Oceanic World as one tag. If I were feeling especially radical, I could dig out Traveller Adventure 9: Nomads of the World Ocean. Hmm. Come to think of it, I could scrap the Farside Route and just lump the planets from old Classic Traveller adventures together to make a subsector…

Stay on target, Luke.

Yes, Obi-Wan. Kiev has a number of sacred sites which draw pilgrims, and assorted cultural locations, so either Pilgrimage Site or Preceptor Archive would work for the other tag. I’ve already used Preceptor Archive so I’ll go with Pilgrimage Site, possibly the Saurian ruins.

Tags: Oceanic World, Pilgrimage Site.

  1. I really need to get you an advance copy of Suns of Gold. This thing you’re doing here is precisely the sort of campaign it’s supposed to be useful for.

  2. thetailrace says:

    I think you mentioned in an earlier Free Traders post that the Farside route linked systems that were out of range of regular stardrives. Perhaps you could have a number of systems that could host slightly reworked scenarios clustered about each portal.

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