Free Traders Setup Part 7: Ladoga

Posted: 10 May 2013 in Settings
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Another multi-ethnic prosperous trading settlement! I suppose it should have occurred to me that all the top-level stops on the Farside Route would be trading hubs of some sort. If I’d thought of this before, I’d have just said all of them are Trading Hubs and dug out two other tags for them. Never mind.

The dominant group is the Rus, who we’ll meet again in Kiev and elsewhere. What else has it got? Well, in the early 11th century, not a lot, apart from huge barrows with dead kings inside them, including the legendary Rurik – mind you, he’s been dead for about 250 years at this point. Sometime within the last 20 years, Erik Hakonarson set fire to it during a raid, which most NPCs the players encounter will remember.

Meanwhile, what about that second tag? Tomb World would reflect the barrows, but it’s hard to reconcile with Trading Hub. The tag ought to reflect what else I know about the place, which means fitting in with the barrows. Well, these are roleplayers, they will expect something evil in the tombs, why disappoint them? Sealed Menace it is.

Tags: Sealed Menace, Trading Hub.


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