Review: Pad of Geomorphic Intent Sample Geomorphs

Posted: 24 April 2013 in Reviews

The Pad of Geomorphic Intent is an A7 pad of paper with 7mm squares on it, intended for you to draw your own dungeon geomorphs on – another one of those unusual ideas that pop up on Kickstarter from time to time.

The Sample Geomorphs is a collection of… well, I bet you can guess. There are 16 example geomorphs, a page showing how you can make a dungeon by piecing them together, a page of four blank geomorphs each 10 x 14 squares, and a large sheet lined with the same sized grid.

It’s free at RPGNow. It’s got some nice geomorphs and squared paper I can print on cardstock and use to lay out dungeons on the table. I like it.

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