Free Traders Setup Part 3: Cherson

Posted: 12 April 2013 in Settings
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Next along the Farside Route from Lygos is Cherson, another world of the Celestial Empire.

The historical Cherson had a small military garrison, but was mostly the Byzantine Empire’s diplomatic interface with the Pechenegs (whom I shall replace with Rakashans) and Rus (centred on Kiev – more of them later). It also thrived on commerce across the Black Sea.

The city was destroyed by Vladimir of Kiev in (2)989, but rebuilt by the time frame of the game. This is an important piece of background as most NPCs the players meet will remember those things happening, and might possibly resent Space Vikings.

It seems to have been quasi-autonomous, with the local government allowed to mint its own coins and treated more like an allied power than a subject province.

Tags: Exchange Consulate, Trade Hub.

Given that Cherson and Lygos are the only worlds of the Celestial Empire that the players will see on a regular basis, they will form their opinions based on them. That will give them the view that the Empire is heavily focussed on trade, and its subject worlds are left pretty much alone so long as they acknowledge its authority and pay their taxes.


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