Beasts & Barbarians Adventures at February 2013

Posted: 22 February 2013 in Settings
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By request, here is a higher-resolution version of the map showing adventures in the Dread Sea Dominions. I had planned to tidy it up a bit, change the token colours and so on, but haven’t had time this week – I tell you what though, I’ll update it periodically as new stuff comes out.

There’s a key below the picture.



Pale blue is my party, red tokens are official B&B adventures we have already played, green and purple ones we haven’t played yet – green are B&B adventures, and purple are from other product lines.

  • BDxx: Beast of the Dominions, where xx is the page number for an adventure in this location. Most of them can be easily relocated.
  • CNS: The Carnival at Nal Sagath (official location, we moved it to the Independent Cities).
  • CQC: The Cliff Queen’s Court.
  • CWG: City of the Winged Gods.
  • DoaT: Death of a Tyrant.
  • GE189: Vengeance of the Branded Devils, the adventure in B&B Golden Edition.
  • GW: Green World.
  • MNOG: Moonless Night Over Grimsdell.
  • SOE: Shadows Over Ekul.
  • SoS: The Skinner of Syranthia.
  • TitT: Thieves in the Night (in Savage Worlds Insider #3). And I just noticed I abbreviated that incorrectly on the map. Oh well, next time…
  • WHM: The White Haired Man Kith’takharos adventures, of which there are at least 10, all set within a few miles of a swamp village. Not strictly speaking Beasts & Barbarians, but they would fit in nicely. (The 10th one is in Savage Worlds Insider #4, if memory serves.)
  • WitB: Wolves in the Borderlands.

In my version of the Dominions, a hex is 125 miles; your hex size may vary.


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