Shadows of Keron–Season 2

Posted: 15 February 2013 in Shadows of Keron
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Last weekend the group gathered, but we were all in a very low-energy state and spent the afternoon playing videogames and watching TV instead of tabletop gaming. Shame on us.

Still, this concealed the fact that I hadn’t actually planned out season two in any detail yet; I had, as always, a couple of emergency scenarios up my sleeve, but they’ll stay there a while longer, it seems. Rolling up my metaphorical sleeves, I pulled out Hex Map Pro and used a hex gridded map of the Dread Sea Dominions to place scenarios we have yet to play; then I thought, it might be useful to other GMs to see where they all are, so I’ll add the ones we’ve already done as well.

Here, then, is a map of the Dread Sea Dominions with all the Beasts & Barbarians adventures I know about marked on it – should be fairly self-evident, but there’s a key below the picture in case.



The colour code is for my benefit; pale blue is the party, red tokens are official B&B adventures we have already played, green and purple ones we haven’t played yet – green are B&B adventures, and purple are from other product lines.

  • BDxx: Beast of the Dominions, where xx is the page number for an adventure in this location. Most of them can be easily relocated.
  • CNS: The Carnival at Nal Sagath (official location, we moved it to the Independent Cities).
  • CQC: The Cliff Queen’s Court.
  • CWG: City of the Winged Gods.
  • DoaT: Death of a Tyrant.
  • GE189: Vengeance of the Branded Devils, the adventure in B&B Golden Edition.
  • GW: Green World.
  • MNOG: Moonless Night Over Grimsdell.
  • SOE: Shadows Over Ekul.
  • SoS: The Skinner of Syranthia.
  • TitT: Thieves in the Night (in Savage Worlds Insider #3).
  • WHM: The White Haired Man Kith’takharos adventures, of which there are at least 10, all set within a few miles of a swamp village. Not strictly speaking Beasts & Barbarians, but they would fit in nicely. (The 10th one is in Savage Worlds Insider #4, if memory serves.)
  • WitB: Wolves in the Borderlands.

While Umberto Pignatelli says the Dread Sea Dominions are as big as you want them to be, based on his comments on the Savage Worlds forum I reckon a hex on the map above is roughly 125 miles. So that’s as big as I want them to be.


I want to send them down the eastern side of the big mountain range – they’ve already seen the west side on the way from the Independent Cities to Gis and beyond. I think we’ll start them with Shadows Over Ekul (4 sessions at our present relaxed rate), then along the north side of the Brown Sea, and along the Sword River towards Askerios, then by sea to Caldeia, which will take in five of the Beasts of the Dominions adventures (one session each); then a quick gallop through the Kith’takharos adventures, which between them add up to about 14-15 sessions. That gives a total of about 24 game sessions, which will take us to the end of 2013.

And as you can see, by now there is enough material for season 3, too. I fancy Jalizar and environs for that; since several of the party are involved with the Temple of Hulian, which has an interest in that city, it would be easy to send them there.

Of course, The Warforged now has a long-term plan to set up a real estate and giant fighting bird business in the former City of the Winged Gods. I think when the time comes for this party to retire, that is where he will end up, as an irascible and eccentric mage patron for future parties.

  1. Umberto Pignatelli says:

    Andy, some people on google+ are asking for an higher res version. Do you think is possible to have it?
    My thanks (and my be(a)sts)!

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