The Dojo Gang, Z+28: Grenade Fishing

Posted: 28 January 2013 in 28 Months Later

It’s now January 18th for the Dojo Gang, and they have moved into the suburbs, where there is a small military base, now hopefully abandoned. NS has decided he needs a flamethrower, so they plan to stroll in and take one.

For this encounter only, since the group has specified raiding a military base for decent weapons and body armour, I allowed them to declare Items they found as either one.


The Dojo Gang (Gouda Killem, GM, NS, and Hardcore Hank) enter the board from section 7. Gouda as declared as the tactical group leader, as while he and GM both have Rep 5 now, if Gouda leads he can stop GM indulging her Greed by looting. The assorted mountain bicycles have been left off-map.

The PEFs are Rep 4 (in the Inn), Rep 5 (building 3) and Rep 6 (building 6). Seven zombies initially, placed as per the rulebook.



NS climbed into Building 1 through the window, and encountered a lone Ganger who opened fire on him, drawing more zombies, before NS cut him down with a katana.

Meanwhile, all PEFs were resolved, two of them boosting the Encounter Rating to 5, and one revealing itself as a squad of five soldiers, no doubt placed to guard the base.


Neither side felt especially forgiving, and so grenades were exchanged through the doors, but thanks to Star Power the Stars survived and the soldiers did not, except for the Rep 3 medic, who got lucky. Many more zombies were generated by the bangs, and started to close in on Our Heroes.


The group methodically searched the cluster of buildings, then repaired to the roof of Building 4, throwing a grenade into section 9 to draw the zeds away from them. At this stage they had met all requirements for self-improvement except killing a zombie each, and hit on the idea of taking it in turns to throw a grenade into the mass of zombies, on the basis that this would probably get them at least one each, and continue to draw the zeds away from them. That explains the mass of live and dead zeds milling around sections 8 and 9.

Meanwhile, several random events occurred, including a couple of zombies bursting out of cupboards and Building 6 bursting into flames – we decided that must have been where the flamethrowers were kept, and that one had been set off by a stray round.

The soldier medic recovered and fled, unfortunately straight into a group of zombies, who promptly devoured him. While the zombies were distracted by fire, grenades and the dying medic, the Gang withdrew to the Stables in good order, where they found a Hummvee – Gouda had previously found some car keys in Building 4, to ensure that he had some when he next saw a vehicle.

The group debated whether to clear the place out and take up residence, as they have too much stuff to carry now, but decided it was too big, and they should try again somewhere smaller. So, they roared off through the Alep Gate in their new Hummvee (not shown), letting Hank drive so that he could run over one of the zeds by the gate and thus fulfil all his victory conditions.


Sorry, the end-of-game picture is a bit blurry today.


The only character who improved anything was Hardcore Hank, the Grunt, who promptly beat Gouda’s Keeping It Together roll by a wide margin and left the party, taking large quantities of food and a couple of weapons.

Having looted all the bodies, the group now has more armour and weapons than they can comfortably use. Fortunately, they now have a vehicle to carry it.


Gouda Killem, Rep 5 Survivor. Pep 3, Sav 2, Runt, Born Leader. Body armour, pistol, crowbar. Food 3, Fuel 2. Fireman’s axe, nailgun, map, compass, lighter, commlink, propane lantern, backpack, 2 grenades.

GM, Rep 5 Survivor. Pep 3, Sav 2, Greedy, Medic-2. Body armour, shotgun, fireman’s axe. Food 4, Lux 3, Med 4. Shovel, mirror, commlink, pink Dora the Explorer backpack with compass, jack-in-the-box, glass cutter.

NS, Rep 4 Survivor. Pep 2, Sav 3, Brawler, Rage. Body armour, shotgun with bayonet and flashlight, katana. Food 6, Fuel 1. NVG, grappling hook and rope, binoculars, commlink, large backpack, blowtorch, large can of deodorant spray, mountain bike.

Hummvee. BV 6. Fuel 6. Contains 5 assault rifles, 2 grenades, binoculars, 4 x pistol, BAP, road flare, 4 body armour.

The Neighbourhood: Body Armour 4, Food 28, Fuel 14, Luxuries 24, Medical 3, Weapons 17.


I can see that for the next session we’ll need to look at encumbrance – as they have a Hummer, they can hang on to it all, but some of them now own more than they can carry on their persons.

For the group, though, February approaches, and we’re switching back to our normal diet of alternating Shadowrun and Savage Worlds games; ATZ will be the reserve game for when time is short or inspiration fails, as it can be set up and played very quickly. When next you see the Dojo Gang, expect a Take Back scenario in the suburbs, as they find a place to stay.

Credits: Map – the Caravanserai from the Cry Havoc! Fan website. Figures – zombies from Zombie! boardgame, other figures eM4 prepaints. Additional rules – CR2 Final Version for grenades.

Statistics: The game lasted 17 turns, roughly 90 minutes, and used 38 zombies and 10 human figures.


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