Halfway Station in 2013

Posted: 4 January 2013 in Reviews
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So much for 2012, but what of 2013? Inspired by this at Atomic Floozy, I thought: Goals! Yes, I should have goals too!

What should they be? I thought about this for a few days, fermenting and twirling gently in a marzipan vat of whiskey, and I came up with these:

  1. Shepherd at least one ATZ party through to 28 Months Later, namely April 2015. I’ve been trying to do that since, umm, 2008 I think. Blighters keep dying on me.
  2. Finish painting all my unpainted figures. Who knows, if I paint enough lead I might get good at it.
  3. Finish the planned two-year Beasts & Barbarians campaign, Shadows of Keron.
  4. Start a new campaign to replace it, probably towards the back end of 2013. So far the front runners are a Firefly-esque space opera or some sort of megadungeon.

Beyond that, what else should be in the blog?

  • If I look at the WordPress stats, most visitors come for the reviews.
  • If I look at forum posts, most people there follow the battle reports in the 28 Months Later and The Arioniad campaigns.
  • My musings on Savage Worlds and Beasts & Barbarians also draw comments and views, but not as many as either of the above.

All of those are fine, and there will continue to be posts on those topics – but I’m also interested in what you think; what should there be more of? Less of?

Answers on a comment or in an email, please!

  1. Umberto Pignatelli says:

    Why you write your blog for? To gain money in some manner? To have more followers than another blog? Or simply for the sake of writing about things you like?
    Choose one, and you have your path clear :).

    • andyslack says:

      Mostly just for the fun of writing about games I like, Umberto; but also as a way of communicating with other like-minded souls, such as yourself!

  2. Steve Boulter says:

    Wow, now it’s getting serious! LOL Setting goals in public, very brave of you Andy but don’t lose sight of why you are doing this (i.e. cos’ you enjoy it).
    Personally I ‘fit’ your statistical analysis, I like the reviews but am really interested in the ATZ/THW AARs (how many acronyms?), not to say that ‘the rest’ isn’t interesting of course and I’ll be hoping you try the Firefly-esque space opera (using 5150?).
    Whatever, please keep posting I enjoy your works.

    • andyslack says:

      Oh, I will, don’t worry!

      I find painting very relaxing when I can find the time and motivation to do it, so it’s definitely in the “I enjoy it” bucket.

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