Shadows of Keron Episode 20: Windborn

Posted: 8 October 2012 in Shadows of Keron
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Another short Savage Worlds session with few attendees this weekend, so I ran a flash-forward adventure after the end of Vengeance of the Branded Devils – the Zandorian adventure from Beasts of the Dominions. (I don’t want to finish Vengeance without Garstrewt and Athienne being there, as it might have been written for them.) As usual, no spoilers, but this is a nice four-page adventure featuring one of the titular Beasts.

The party made short work of most of the encounters, thanks to the careful use of Puppet and Blast powers by The Warforged, Boost Trait by Nessime, and thrown axes by Gutz. A hostage was rescued, bad guys were fried, a considerable quantity of bacon was taken as loot, and only the Big Bad caused any real problems – you have to be canny how you take the boss monster down.

They weren’t canny, but they pumped enough Blast and Bolt powers into the boss that it didn’t matter. Peace, as they say, through superior firepower. Although they did get covered in filth as usual, and Nessime realised that she no longer has the Holy Handkerchief, which she successfully delivered to the Ninth Alchemist a couple of sessions ago.

The Warforged, being the character who plays most often, is a few experience ahead of the rest and has just reached Heroic. Since I expected the campaign to go a few advances into Legendary, this is almost exactly the halfway point; he has expressed a desire to retire as one of the Alchemists of Gis. We’ll see, plenty of time for that later.

A short, simple scenario with three players is just in the sweet spot for me, and I think that is more about my style as a GM than anything else. Regardless, as often happens with the Beasts & Barbarians scenarios, I find my normal jaded attitude replaced by enthusiasm and a will to play. I can’t decide which I’d rather play, SW or 5150; mind you, I don’t have to – I can play both, and more.

  1. Umberto Pignatelli says:

    Well, saying that B&B scenarios make you enthusiastic is the best compliment you can pay me. But I must add I always had excellent editors too!

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