Arion: See You In Court

Posted: 5 October 2012 in Arioniad

“Mr… Arion, is it? Yes. You stand before the court accused of Disturbing the Peace, Brandishing a Weapon, Endangerment, Mayhem, and Murder. Do you have anything to say in your defence?”

“Yes, your honour – they started it!”


An abstract post this time as we look at Arion’s day in court in late March. As previously decided, the whole crew share the same crimes, dice rolls and punishments, for expediency. I reason that in a case where someone died, the police will throw the book at him. Murder is evident from the dead person, and Mayhem from the wounded one. Endangerment and brandishing a weapon were not actually seen, but are deduced – to have shot someone I must have pointed the gun at them, and to do that I must have drawn it in a public place. Disturbing the Peace gets thrown in as well.

Notice that most of these on their own don’t stand much chance against Arion’s defending dice, but the court can erode those dice by simply piling on more charges. That means I should consider carefully whether I want to treat multiple counts of, say, Mayhem as separate crimes.

First, the setup:

  • Arion is acting in his own defence, so must roll 2d6 vs Rep (with a 6 always failing) to avoid penalties, which he does. So far, so good.
  • A witness comes forward to testify for him, which gives him +1d6 on the verdict but costs an Item.
  • His Fame level is less than 3, so he is at –1d6 on the verdict for being a nobody.
  • He is charged with five crimes, and is at –1d6 for each crime over the first. –4d6 then.

This gives a total of –5d6, reducing his Rep 6 to an effective Rep 1. However, as a Rep 6 Star he has 6 bonus dice; according to the rules he can use those at any point during an encounter, and a court case counts as an encounter. (Yes, this is rules-lawyering. Arion is in court, so I figure lawyering is appropriate.)

Each crime now rolls as many dice as its level, looking for successes (rolls of 1-3), and Arion rolls the 7d6 he has in play; then we compare Arion’s single roll (5 successes, luckily) against those of the crimes; Disturbing the Peace scores 1 success, Brandishing a Weapons scores 2 (it’s the more serious version because Cori had an assault rifle), Endangerment scores 2, Mayhem scores 2, and Murder has me worried for a while, but scores only 5 – mind you, that is as many as it could possibly score. Freedom beckons for our heroes, at a cost of 6 Items – one per charge, and one for the friendly witness.

As this is another successful encounter, we get another +6 Fame and roll for improvement; both Cori and Dmitri improve their Rep. Arion and Cori are now Rep 6, and Dmitri Rep 5; what a dangerous group we are, to be sure – but as Ed says, “There is also Obviously Dead, so don’t get too full of yourself.” The crew now looks like this:

Name Type Rep Profession (QRS) Attributes Fit Pep Sav Sci Weapons Items
Arion Star 6 Pilot: Space (LWC) Exceptional Pilot; White Knight 3 0 5 4 BAP, P 5
Coriander Co-Star 6 Doctor (LWC) Charismatic 3 3 0 4 AR 7
Dmitri Co-Star 5 Dealer (LWC) Smooth 3 4 3 0 BAP, P 6



As the crew is leaving the courthouse, Dmitri’s comlink beeps, and says: “You have a new message.”

“Play message,” Dmitri replies, and a woman’s voice says: “Dima, honey, can you pick up some milk on the way home?”

Dmitri goes pale, and turns to Arion.

“Ari, we need to get offworld, right away. Grab your stuff and meet me at the spaceport.”

“So, we’re fleeing the scene of the crime, then?” Arion calls after his retreating back. “Aren’t we supposed to do that before the court case?”

  1. Ed the Two Hour Wargames Guy says:

    Very cool. It’s all about the story, eh?

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