Travelling Light

Posted: 7 September 2012 in Rules

“He who is outside his door already has the hardest part of his journey behind him.” — Dutch proverb

In my review of 5150: NB a couple of days ago, I mentioned a little extra work would be needed for adventures outside New Hope City.

That’s true, but it isn’t much.

Arion & Co spend most of their time in starports, with the occasional trip into the wilderness. Starports are easy to do; mechanically, they are all the same as NHC, except that people you could run into again are specific to planets; so if Arion makes a hated enemy in NHC, then travels to Halfway, he won’t usually meet that person again there.

For game purposes, the wilderness can be a public park with no roads, or maybe just one road running through it. Or you could replace the roads with clear terrain and the buildings with hills.

Interstellar travel is basically just travel, with any PEFs encountered being in another ship, lifepod, or whatever. At this point I’m not using any ship combat rules, so any such encounter would either be with stowaways or a boarding action – which would be like an encounter in a single building, except using one of my collection of starship deck plans instead of a building layout. And, you’ll notice I don’t need a star map for that.

Not so hard, is it?

For an example of this sort of thing, take a look at Chroniques du Fort Bastiani, where there is a 5150-Stargate crossover game in progress… and some very nicely painted figures.


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