Hex Map Pro and the Dread Sea Dominions

Posted: 31 August 2012 in Settings
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One of the first apps I bought for the iPad was Hex Map Pro, which turns it into a game board (£2.99 from the App Store). You can use the built-in facilities to create a board, which are limited to colouring in squares or hexes; or you can import a picture, rescale it, and overlay a grid on it. Then, the app lets you create and label counters to move around the map. There are no built-in rules, so it isn’t tied to a particular game; and no automation, so it’s easy to work out.

I intended to use it for playing THW games without having to haul out terrain or minis, and you’ll see some examples of that in due course. It took me a while to realise how useful it would be for other things, though; here’s an example screenshot.


I loaded up Beasts & Barbarians Golden Edition on the iPad, and took a screenshot of the map, which I saved as a photograph. I cropped off the margins using a free picture editor map, then imported it into Hex Map Pro. I then resized the picture so that it was about 30 hexes tall, which in my version of the Dominions makes one hex about 125 miles (that makes it easy to zoom in to 25 and then 5 mile hexes if I ever want to do that). Finally, I saved it as a new gameboard in HMP, and created one token (the green one labelled “Party”) to show the group’s current location.

One screenshot later, you get the picture above. I like it.

(I remember doing the same thing in the late 1970s with a map, a photocopier and a plastic sheet that had hexagons printed on it. This is a LOT faster and easier.)


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