The Purge

Posted: 5 August 2012 in Reflections

My gaming goes in cycles; for a while I expand everything, taking on new games and diluting my time and effort; then after a bit, I sharpen the focus on my favourites. This allows me to alternate between looking for the next big thing for my group, and running a solid campaign.

It’s time for another purge.

  • I only need a couple of active campaigns, so I’ll keep Heart of the Scorpion for SF, and Shadows of Keron for fantasy, with others going to the Vault. I did consider renaming the remaining campaigns as Antares and Dominions respectively, because I like campaigns with one-word titles. The jury is still out on that one, but don’t be surprised if it happens.
  • Games are limited to D&D, Savage Worlds, Stars Without Number and THW. Of these, only Savage Worlds is properly active, but I’m using bits and pieces of the others, so they deserve to stay active.
  • D&D and Traveller move to the Vault, as do 28 Months Later, Irongrave, Talomir Nights and The Arioniad. Movement to the Vault indicates that I don’t expect to be going back that way again, but who knows.
  • The other items are either Reviews (which has now assimilated Dungeon Generators and Props), and ramblings about how I think games should be played, which are now filed under GM-Fu.
  • Metablog entries have mostly been deleted.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of the 28 Months Later and Talomir Nights characters as they stand down, and some dance music.


OK, I lied about the dance music.

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