The Director’s Cut

Posted: 30 July 2012 in Reflections

Since the rest of the family are sun-worshippers, while on holiday recently I’ve had a lot of time dozing on the beach, reflecting on my recent gaming and planning what to do next.

2011 was about solo gaming, since I didn’t think I could get a group together again; 2012 so far has been about getting a group together and being a GM again. Late 2012 will be about choices; since I can’t do everything, what’s the best use of my time? Probably, doing what I’m best at – note, I said best at, not necessarily good at!

Based on what games companies have (and have not) paid me to do, I’m best at converting existing settings to new rules, tweaking rules, and writing one-shot scenarios; worse at creating games and settings from whole cloth.

In movie terms, I’m a director, not a screenwriter.

Once I internalised this idea, the way forward became clear.

  • As the D&D 4th Edition DMG observes, my job is to entertain, not be original.
  • I have too many settings, rules and campaigns; they dilute my focus. I’ll cut back to the ones which excite me most, because those are the ones that will be most fun for everyone.
  • Consequently, future guest games or tryouts should be games run by other members of the group. (Also, they are essentially reviews, so should be filed as such.)
  • Writing after-action reports for games run by other people also dilutes my efforts, so I’ll stop that. Specifically, that means dropping Shadowrun and the Balrite Sector.
  • The adventures generated by THW rules or the Mythic GM emulator are as much fun as anything, require no preparation, and I don’t have to worry about spoilers when writing the blog. So expect a shift in that direction, although I’ll still run Umberto Pignatelli’s scenarios because they invigorate and educate me as a GM.

Over the next few weeks you’ll see the blog evolve in those directions.

  1. Umberto Pignatelli says:

    Thanks, I am flattered :).

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