Shadowrun Episode 4: Hostage Negotiation

Posted: 24 July 2012 in Tryouts

So, the technomancer finally trusts me enough to use her street handle – Plum, which turns out to be short for Sugarplumfairyz.

Anyway, I’m out riding my bike when I get the call to join her and the Refined European Troll, on account of they need some muscle for their current run. On the way, Plum briefs me in: While the mafia is distracted by a turf war with the triads, the yakuza kidnap the daughter of one of the dons, one that Plum knows somehow. We have to get her back, and they are partway through sneaking into the warehouse where she is held when they get to counting the number of yakuza and decide they need backup.

We sneak past the handful in the office side, but when we get into the main warehouse we are made. Plum dives for cover, the Troll hauls out a grappling gun and whizzes up into the roof, so I mentally shrug and sprint over to the hostage – tied up on a chair – stick a gun in her ear, and yell at the yakuza in Japanese to stand down or I’ll kill her, hoping to confuse them.

Two of ’em start shooting at me, and the third one starts shooting at a bunch of red barrels scattered around the place. I manage to get myself between the girl and the bullets, which stings more than somewhat even as we dive out of the way, and the red barrels explode, setting the place on fire.

We manage to off all the yakuza, even the one who dives out the loading bay door shouting “Yatta!”

Oh no you didn’t, pal.

Faced with walking through fire and then past the first gang to get out, we follow Mr I-Did-It outside and discover a pier with a boat tied up to it. On the way, Plum extracts a piece of paper with an address from one thug, and notices that the “hostage” is a dummy.

It figures.

We go to the address on the paper, and find a magic shop owned by a large troll. I show him the paper and say we are here to collect the merchandise. He takes us into a large room full of hooded and bound people, asks which one we want. The mafia girl, we say. Which one, he says, I got three of those.

It is at this point Plum admits they forget to get the name of the one we are after. Fine, I sigh, we will take all three. OK, he says, I will give you a bulk discount, 14k the lot. Now, since we met Villiers we all have that kind of money, but the Troll doesn’t want to spend it. Shake on the deal, brother, he says. No way, says the other troll, I don’t think you’re yakuza at all. I can see this will not end well, and we all draw.

I do not remember much of this fight, since the troll mage’s first move is to knock me out. When I come to, we have as they say control of the battlefield which turns out to mean ten hostages. We call a taxi and pay him to take most of them home, but the three under-fives and our target, who it turns out is called Maria, we take with us in the sedan provided by our patron. This turns out not to be a smart move as someone takes remote control of it and drives us into an ambush: Four yakuza on motorbikes. Since I am not driving anyway, I lean out the window with the troll and we engage in a running gun battle with the yakuza, action movie style. We manage to off them, Plum finds the controller and the RET shoots it. Unfortunately this shoots out the engine as well and we roll to a stop half a klick from the boat. So we pile back into the boat and leave, intending to hole up at the RET’s mansion while we figure out what to do next.

Maria tells us that she overhears her uncle Tony saying that once she is out of the way her father will step down and he can take over the mob. Plum checks her contacts and it seems pretty clear that it is Tony that hired us. It’s hard to think with the three under-fives screaming – for some reason they do not like the troll – but neither the police nor the nearest hospital are interested in helping, so we resort to my street doc contact to read their SINs and take them home ourselves.

We get Maria to call her father, but he is not answering the phone. Her mother seems more interested in killing Tony than getting her daughter back, but we eventually settle on getting paid to kill Tony. I am happy with this because I suspect he has tried to kill us and frame us for the kidnapping and I do not take this from anyone.

We drive to Tony’s restaurant with the plan that he pays us for the girl, we kill him, then take the girl home and get paid for killing him. And this is how it pans out, although we have to kill his bodyguards as well and a number of people in the restaurant get caught in the crossfire. Plum takes control of Tony’s backup car as it tries to move in, and runs it through a red light, so the cops deal with them for us.

After that it is a simple matter of setting up an exchange, the girl for the money, and we are done. Except for me picking up my bike from the warehouse.

Note: This was Gutz’ first home brew scenario, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We went off-piste quite a bit, but he covered that well with improvised encounters. Well played, sir, well played.


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