Into the Balrite Sector

Posted: 16 July 2012 in Tryouts

As previously advertised, The Warforged’s player has started a SWN campaign. Today we generated characters, and immediately things started to go downhill in the typical RPG fashion… the new GM took it in good heart, and had cunningly left some blank worlds in the sector to incorporate PC home worlds. The party now consists of:

Turalio; Engine Crew, Pilot and wannabe mech driver.

Harold Charles Green; Priest, Templar, and wandering evangelist for the Cult of Chuck Norris.

Fluffy Chicken; Con Artist, Rogue Psychic, and determined to bring quality, fake chickens to the masses.

Gutz; Noble, Commando and treasure hunter.

The GM made us focus on motivation from the start by asking what our characters’ goals were up front, explaining that he wanted to run an Old School sandbox shaped around the PCs’ plans. Nice.

  1. Umberto Pignatelli says:

    Wandering evangelist of the cult of Chuck Norris reminds me when I had a player that, in a fantasy world, wanted to play an insurance agent… the game deranged quickly obviously :).

  2. Charles F. Blakely says:

    When players start using names like “Fluffy Chicken” and a title of “evangelist of Chuck Norris”, it tells the experienced referee that they are playing “Joke World”, not Stars Without Number or Traveller, etc. I suggest that if the players don’t respect you as a referee or respect the game, then don’t respect them – make them create new characters or kill their character quickly which forces them to create new characters. Make them wait to do so while the others are enjoying the game. Just a thought!

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