Shadows of Keron episode 16: Shrine of the Serpent Statues

Posted: 15 July 2012 in Shadows of Keron
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Happy chance dictates that this year Gutz, Nessime and The Warforged are on holiday with my wife and I for a couple of weeks. So, yesterday evening we got our dice out. As part of the Guest Games approach, we decided on using the Mythic GM Emulator – maybe I’ll write a proper review of Mythic at some point.

Besides characters, we needed to set the Chaos Factor (easy – it always starts at 5) and create an initial opening scene: “Gutz and The Warforged wander away from camp one evening and find a mysterious entrance to some sort of complex in the hills.” Then, we were off.

For those who don’t know Mythic, the heart of its emulator mode is the Fate Table, and some percentile dice rolls, which are used with a series of questions to determine what happens next. For example, the first question asked was “Are there some stairs leading downwards?” We decided this was Very Likely, which when cross-referenced with the Chaos Factor gave us the chance that there were; and indeed we found some stairs.

This approach led the two adventurers into a concealed ritual complex from Keronian times, where slaves were sacrificed to Hordan. The initial chamber had a concealed trapdoor leading to a vast corridor, with double rows of support columns and murals depicting slave sacrifices, into a group of rooms, one of which was emphatically NOT a toilet (Gutz’ player was running on two hours’ sleep yesterday; you can steer Mythic into situations of deadly seriousness or low humour depending on the questions you ask.) Looting these rooms of the priests’ robes and demonology texts, they found the main sacrifice chamber, and a life-sized onyx statue of Hordan with ruby eyes.

After discussing and abandoning a number of ways to get a half-ton statue out of the dungeon, they settled for gouging its eyes out. Naturally, at this point the statue came to life and remonstrated with them; not having the stats to hand, since I was acting as GM I decided this would effectively be an Experienced Soldier with the Construct ability. Gutz ran, and The Warforged was knocked prone, at which point a swarm of miniature statues leapt on him from the darkness. Adroit use of area effect spells and the Sorceror’s Spiked Frying Pan allowed them to break contact long enough to slam the door on the statues and run for it.

We used the chase rules for that, and they managed to get back to the entrance and block it, although it was a close-run thing.

All in all, a fine evening of fun was had by all, and we’ve decided to add the emulator to our toolkit on a permanent basis. I find it works better with a group of players than for the solo games I previously used it in.

So, that leads The Warforged to using the GM Emulator in his forthcoming Stars Without Number campaign, and me generating a Dread Sea Dominions character to join in Shadows of Keron’s GM-less adventures.

  1. Brass Jester says:

    I’ve used Mythic quite a bit for solo adventures and sometimes in a GM’d one when I’m not sure of the outcome of the PC’s actions. The follow-up Mythic Variations has some nice ideas as well

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