Review: DB4 Dro Mandras

Posted: 11 July 2012 in Reviews

Dro Mandras: The Free West is the fourth installment of the Haunted Highlands series for Castles & Crusades. In this module and DB5, the author (Casey Cristofferson) turns away from the dungeon environment in favour of urban adventure. The political situation in the Duchy of Karbosk is explained in more detail, as is the history of the Marches; the key NPCs are described; maps of the area around the city offer five locations for adventure, and some random encounters are also listed. The city itself has its own map, with numerous locations and details of their inhabitants.

DB4 is 37 pages long and includes two adventures: A complex kidnapping plot for 5th level PCs, and a more straightforward military raid into orc-held territory. Between them, I think these would cover 4-5 sessions of play.

Rating: 4 out of 5. A nice mixture of base of operations, intrigue, and straight-up combat.


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