Welcome to Jalizar

Posted: 9 July 2012 in Tryouts

I have some good friends who’d like to play by post in the Dread Sea Dominions, which allows me to kick off a new group and explore other areas of the setting; and I’m fascinated by Jalizar, so that’s where they’ll start. Of course, one of them wants to play using OD&D rules, and as long as his character and the others aren’t in the same fight, that should work just fine. Here is the introduction I sent them…

Fortunate are you, O Travellers! Rest awhile at this noble tavern, and I shall tell you a tale.

It is not a tale of the times of legend, when the empire of the devil-worshipping Keronians was destroyed by a falling star, sent by the angry gods. It is not a tale of the Iron Priests of Faberterra and the peace their Empire spread from sea to sea. Nor is it a tale of the times of your grandfathers, when Valk horsemen rode west and split that Empire into a dozen bickering kingdoms; nor yet of the times of your fathers, when a ship full of treasure set sail from Jalizar to Gis, the Free City of the Alchemists, and came back empty, just three days after Dhaar the Valk died in his prime, and the Valk horde fell into disarray.

Ah, but storytelling is thirsty work, and an old man’s voice soon fades without refreshing wine… Oho! The blessings of the Divine Couple be upon you, my friend. Truly, a fine vintage. Now, where was I? Oh yes…

My tale is not a tale of those times; it is a tale of today; of how Jalizar is ruled by thieves and merchants, of how the Ragamuffin King must beg them both for gold to pay the city watch, and of how our once-glorious kingdom is now reduced to ruins inhabited by foul beasts both natural and unnatural, while Valk horse archers roam the forests and rocky plains.

It is a tale of valour, and greed, and rich treasures cunningly sought and swiftly spent. It is a tale of warriors’ mighty thews, the swift cunning of rogues, and the beauty of woman. It is a tale of a city where everything, including love, faith and justice, is for sale. But above all, it is a tale of gold and glory, won by sharp blades and sharper wits. One day, honoured travellers, I may tell a tale like this of you…

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