Emulating Alignment

Posted: 6 July 2012 in Rules
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Here’s a random thought: How about emulating D&D alignment in Savage Worlds by using it to set initial attitude during encounters? Mostly, I have converting monsters in mind, like this:

  • Neutral alignment: Starts with a Neutral attitude.
  • Chaotic or Evil: Either of these decreases the attitude one step, both decrease it two steps.
  • Lawful or Good: Either of these improves the attitude one step, both increase it two steps.

So, when the PCs encounter the Chaotic Evil anti-paladin, he starts in Hostile; the saintly Lawful Good cleric starts in Helpful; the Chaotic Neutral thief is initially Uncooperative; and the Chaotic Good ranger starts at Neutral, because the improvement for Good and the decrease for Chaotic cancel each other out.

Whaddya think?

  1. Sean says:

    Sounds really good actually. Simple but elegant.

  2. Sean B says:

    To echo the other Sean, very elegant.

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