Shadows of Keron, Episode 15: Green World, Part 2

Posted: 18 June 2012 in Shadows of Keron
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The players once again wrecked the nicely scripted arc. And I’m OK with that, because the point is to have fun together, not slavishly follow a particular story. The scenario book remains useful because of the appendix on the care and feeding of demons, which will definitely come in handy later on.

However, they essentially blew through the story backwards, going straight from partway through Act 1 to Act 4, missing out most of Acts 2 and 3, killing everyone they should have saved, and saving everyone who should have died. I could have stopped that with plot immunity for key NPCs, but that never feels right to me – I let the PCs live or die by the players’ decisions, and don’t see why the NPCs should be treated any differently.

Highlights of the trip:

  • Athienne doing a called shot to the leg of a minor villain so that she could be captured and interrogated; then rolling a 27 for damage, severing the femoral artery. (They did manage to save her, but it took three PCs out of the fight with a big ugly bug thing to do it).
  • Gutz climbing up a wall and using his cloak to make Batman shapes in a cone of light. Control of the light source was surprisingly useful until he fell off because he was attempting too many actions in one round and failed a couple of rolls.
  • The Warforged dropping a Fear spell which caught Garstrewt while others previously banished to the Green World charged out through their escape route around him, so that he now has a Major Phobia of crowds. Still, better than his original idea of Blast I suppose. As it turned out Nessime used Banish and Repulse to get rid of most of the opposition.
  • Nessime taking an oath to allow the villains to live, and be set free, in exchange for information; then directly killing one, and indirectly killing the other, by accident. Her defence to the Temple of Hulian is going to be that they were evil, and the ends justify the means. Can’t wait to see how that plays out.
  • The race between The Warforged looting sorcerous goodies from the evil wizard’s lair, and Nessime smashing them up because they are evil. We called the session before I could decide how much she smashed and how much he looted.

They have made good their escape from the Green World, and will now move on into the Borderlands, where I have a few one-shot style adventures lined up for them. All but one of them are now broke, and some of them have been for a while without being concerned about it; so I think I’ll quietly introduce the savings rules and let The Warforged trade in his money for the tower he wants when they get to Gis. I have just the place in mind, but more of that in a later post.

Meanwhile, there is unhappiness in some quarters about how the No Power Points option is working out – failure causing Shaken and dropping maintained powers is seen as too high a price to pay for being able to cast a potentially unlimited amount of spells. We’ll give it one more session, and if it’s still a source of complaint I’ll switch back to power points.


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