Shadows of Keron Episode 14: Green World, Part 1

Posted: 11 June 2012 in Shadows of Keron
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This weekend, I started running the party through the third Beasts & Barbarians adventure, Green World. As ever I’ll avoid spoilers as much as I can, but it’s not giving much away to reveal that the party wake up in a strange jungle, with a strange girl, and no memory of who she is, what’s going on, where they are or how they got there.

(I really must start using the scenario generator, so that I can clue you in what’s really going on. But I digress.)

Highlights included:

  • Garstrewt deciding to leap on the mysterious girl to wake her up.
  • The party’s debate over whether they should bother rescuing the girl when she was seized by jungle flora and carried off. (And yes, I do mean flora.) Nessime is Heroic, so said she was going to help; Athienne and Gutz have Loyal: Friends, so followed her; Garstrewt has Curious, so went to see what was going on; and The Warforged has Bloodthirsty, and reasoned that anywhere there are screams, there is something to kill.
  • Garstrewt throwing oil and lit torches into a pit where The Warforged was fighting Something Nasty. Naturally, he fumbled and hit The Warforged instead.
  • The Warforged heroically leading a sinuous monster off into the forest while the others made good their escape, and managing to tie it in a knot by weaving in and out of a patch of trees.
  • Nessime working out early on that they are not on their home plane, and trying to Banish the party back to the Dread Sea Dominions. (As if I’d let that work this early in the scenario.)

Two thumbs up for this one, it was a blast.

  1. Umberto Pignatelli says:

    Banish the party back to the Dominions is a REALLY good idea I haven’t thought! You cannot allow it without ending the story, but you should surely make SOMETHING happen 🙂

    • andyslack says:

      Agreed. I think I’ll rule that it only works in the cone of green light. I thought the idea deserved a benny even if I didn’t let it work.

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