Review: Kith’takharos Summary

Posted: 6 June 2012 in Reviews

The Kith’takharos adventures together will occupy a group of 4-6 adventurers for 14-15 sessions. On average, it would take a party about twice that to reach Heroic level, so if you plan to stick to the recommended ranks, you’ll need to add in a few other scenarios, or increase the experience per session; fortunately, Savage Worlds adventures are not very sensitive to PC rank, so neither is essential.

Recommended sequence:

  1. K-1 Well Met in Kith’takharos – two sessions.
  2. K-12 The Hideout – one session.
  3. K-2 The Missing Harvesters – two sessions.
  4. K-10 Spider Hunt – one session.
  5. K-3 The Nine Towers – three sessions.
  6. K-11 The Repository – one session.
  7. K-4 The Dreamers Awaken – two sessions.
  8. K-5 Seal the Rift! – two sessions.

If played in sequence, the adventures will first familiarise your players with Kith’takharos; then lead them to uncover and explore ruins left behind by a lost reptilian race; and finally to uncover the secret of their demise, and hopefully stop it happening again.

Kith’takharos is an interesting exercise in portability. Despite having a very tight geographical focus – one village and a small area of swampland with a few scattered ruins – the authors have managed to create something that will occupy my party gainfully for about three months, and can be dropped into almost any fantasy setting. Not bad for the price.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 for the sequence as a whole.

  1. I discovered your reviews of our products a couple days ago, and I’ve just finished reading them. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to write reviews; we don’t often get a chance to learn what people think of our work. The reviews were fair and I generally agree with your criticisms.

    You are correct that we are planning a PDF for the setting. Right now I am revising and expanding the setting to include all the material we’ve added over four years of playing and development, and that will definitely be available as a PDF. I will probably release the new material on our web site as it is completed. When done, it will be assembled into the PDF. I’m pretty excited about this because I think the revised setting will be a great improvement. Unfortunately, my pace of work is slower than I would like because of family responsibilities.

    I’ll discuss your comments about the PDF layout with my colleague Mike, since he is the graphic designer. Have you seen the recently revised Well Met in Kith’takharos and The Missing Harvesters? If so, do you find the new layout an improvement?

    I recently wrote a short Kith’takharos adventure for some conventions we are attending. This adventure will also appear in the next issue of Savage Insider.

    Finally, I would be interested in how The Nine Towers plays out for you. Your assessment of three sessions is reasonable, although I have found the towers to be useful even after the adventure is complete. In my current Kith’takharos campaign, the players have spent more time searching for towers and exploring them than it took to find and defeat Lenar Hoyt. Just yesterday, they were fighting a band of poachers that had occupies a tower with the intent of making it a base of operations. I’ll be posting some new session summaries on our web site.

    Dave Przybyla

    • andyslack says:

      Thanks, I hope they are helpful.

      I haven’t seen the updated Well Met and Harvesters yet, but thanks for the tip – since I bought mine from RPGNow I should be able to get the revised editions from the My Library section, I’ll check them out.

      One of my players is muttering about getting himself a wizard’s tower to live in, I think one of the Nine Towers might be entertaining as an option.

      It will most likely be the end of the year before we get to the Nine Towers, though; I plan to drop Kith’takharos into the river delta in Caldeia, in the Dread Sea Dominions, and the arc of adventures I have planned out shows us reaching Well Met in about October. Depends a lot on how they play, of course. =]

  2. I want to add one more thing. We recently added tablets as one of our GM tools, and have found eBooks invaluable. A well-designed ePub gets me almost every aspect of the adventure with no more than two taps on the display. It also becomes very easy to show the players any illustration. We’re starting to convert some of our adventures to ePub. If you’d like to see the Well Met in Kith’takharos ePub, let me know.

    • andyslack says:

      Yes, I saw that with great interest. The closest I get to a tablet (at least until Santa thinks I have been good enough) is an ordinary Kindle, but I could see myself using one at the gaming table once I have something that can (a) run a dice roller and (b) display things in colour.

      I’d have to try showing players stuff on the tablet to see how that works, because when I give them paper maps or pictures, they pass them around and keep looking at them long after I have moved on. And often scribble on them. So we’d need a change in how we do things as well, which isn’t necessarily a problem.

  3. I want to say a few more things. It’s not often that I communicate with someone interested in our work; the vast majority who have our adventures say nothing at all. I want to take advantage of this.

    When we started Kith’takharos, we pretty much knew what we wanted in the first two adventures, had a more vague idea about the third, and no particular plan about the last two. But we always planned on a five adventure arc. We did not initially have the Harlass Orn well-developed, and didn’t really flesh that out until the third adventure. Part of The Missing Harvesters revision was integration the Library more tightly into the history of the Harlass Orn.

    I played Earthdawn from about 1994-2002. That game strongly influenced me. The Veilwalkers in some ways are my version of the EarthDawn Horrors. I would even say that the Kith’takharos setting in some ways is post-apocalyptic because it takes place among the ruins of a fallen civilization.

    Feel free to send along any other comments you might have. We take them all seriously, and sometimes make changes.

    • andyslack says:

      Thanks Dave – the Harlass Orn are my favourite component of the adventures. The other thing that really stands out for me is that you’ve made Kith’takharos very portable (from campaign to campaign) by fitting it into a small geographical area; this makes it much more likely that I’ll use it.

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