Review: Kith’takharos One-Sheets

Posted: 30 May 2012 in Reviews

To round out this run of Kith’takharos reviews, here are the One Sheet adventures.


Spider Hunt is for 3-5 Seasoned PCs, and you won’t be surprised to learn that the PCs are commissioned to hunt down some Spiders Of Unusual Size. What is a little unusual, though, is that their webs have interesting properties, so the objective is to bring some back for study, and leave enough spiders alive to produce more in case the webbing is valuable.

The Repository is a small cave system for the PCs to explore. Maybe they find it themselves, maybe someone else reports it and they are tasked with investigating it. The inhabitants disapprove, either way. This one is for 3-5 Veteran characters.

The Hideout is for 3-5 Novice or Seasoned PCs, and lets them raid a small outlaw base.


The standard one-sheet format; two sides of full-colour adventure in three scenes, a monster, and a map. As usual for WHM products, the colour of the text boxes announces their purpose, and makes them easier to find.


My eyes aren’t what they once were, and the amount of stuff compressed into these adventures makes the print small, thus hard to read. Small black letters on a dark green background in particular are troublesome. Layered PDF to let me turn off the colours would be appreciated, as black on white is a lot easier to read.


These fit nicely into the Kith’takharos setting, but are easy to move elsewhere, and are probably good for one session apiece.

An honourable mention for the new type of giant spider in Spider Hunt (I’m looking forward to trying that on the PCs).

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5.


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