Review: Seal the Rift

Posted: 23 May 2012 in Reviews

The final episode of the Kith’takharos adventures from Dave Pryzybla and Michael Galligan, published by White Haired Man. The Savage Worlds version is designed for 4-6 Heroic characters, and is 42 pages long.


Colour map of the region; introductory fiction; explanation of how and why the authors write adventures this way; GM background and adventure hooks; then into the meat of the book.

The adventure itself is in seven parts (scenes, encounters, call them what you will), and is a surgical strike into a three-level dungeon, aimed at recovering a lost artefact – the sole means of preventing the return of the Big Bads who caused the fall of the now-vanished reptile man civilisation which used to control this region. Recovering this item demands that they deal with numerous traps and guardians.

We close with appendices on new items and monsters.


The usual WHM approach; good, extensive use of colour. Illustrations for handouts are conspicuous by their absence this time, though.


You can sing along with this one by now; layers in the PDF, please, for print-friendliness, and a single downloadable PDF of the setting on the website (under construction at time of writing).


You really don’t want to start Kith’takharos here. You should play at least The Nine Towers and The Dreamers Awaken first. You could start here and complete the adventure, but without the background and emotional investment in the setting built up over the last few adventures, it would be robbed of much of its impact.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 as part of the sequence, 2 out of 5 if played alone.

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