Shadowrun Episode 3: Super Nova, Part 2

Posted: 21 May 2012 in Tryouts

I’m feeling lazy today, so no in-character stuff, just the bare bones.

Zanshin, the Refined European Troll, and the Technomancer followed the clues in their dead contact’s PDA back to a NovaTech building, where they concluded the deal.

The Johnson had overstepped his authority, and so got the 9mm version of severance pay, while the PCs handed over both cases to his boss and got paid. Unfortunately another group of mercenaries had followed the party, and burst into the meeting room. While the patron and his bodyguard escaped through a secret escape lift, the PCs held off the intruders.

This was a very bloody fight, as you can see from the stacks of wound and stun modifiers piling up under the figures – the Technomancer’s player referred to these as “Towers of Pain”.


Towers of Pain – aka NovaTech Office, 15th Floor
Clockwise from top: Red samurai; technomancer; refined European troll; Zanshin; red samurai; cyborg minigunner; some sort of wizard.

At length, the PCs prevailed, thanks to having more Edge than the opposition, looted the office and left. Shortly afterwards, a grateful NovaTech official upgraded the van we stole last session, adding armour and a drone rack.

We’ll now switch back to Beasts & Barbarians for a couple of weeks.


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