The Cost of Living

Posted: 18 May 2012 in Rules

I’m still experimenting with upkeep costs for my fantasy campaign.

Based on the costs in the Savage Worlds Fantasy Gear Toolkit, and assuming three meals per day, food and accommodation would cost:

  • $270 per month for someone living cheaply (cheap meals, room shared with 5 others)
  • $390 per month for the average character (good meals, shared double room)
  • $780 per month for someone living well (feasts, private rooms)

So, starting wealth being roughly one month’s upkeep still seems about right, once you allow for entertainment (all right, ale and whores then), ammunition, spell components and so on. It also matches $1 being roughly one copper penny historically, but there’s only one of my players who might know that, and he won’t care, so I’ll leave $1 as one silver Moon.

Where I’ve been going wrong, I think, is in charging PCs this much one per session – once per adventure seems more reasonable, since an adventure typically covers only a few days of game time but can take 3-5 sessions to complete.

However, to discourage people leading a string of ponies around behind them (The Warforged, I’m lookin’ at you), I shall charge them the "living cheaply" rate for each horse as well.


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